Yesterday was Today All Over Again

yesterday was today all over again:

The change that
from surrender
weeps salted tears
is December's gift;

for, in the cold
we've but ourselves
and each other's yesterdays'
papers and thoughts.

And our
our own warmth,
our fear,
our children left
in warm sweaters
alone –
their little hands clutched
at their sides…

a fire
from which to learn
to dry our eyes.

And then,
even in absence of
icy paths forged
crossed the cheek,

we're cold
for we've but ourselves
and yesterday was today all over again.

Gravity (In the midst of wreckage)

In the midst of wreckage:
ghostly shells
in and out of focus,
smoke moving
towards center

I grin – and wide –
as we sit
and watch gravity
do its work
and planets collide

and warm suns become distant
embers crossing the skies.
Great behemoths
plunge into the lands
we grew up with;
Oceans curve under the
waiting down, down
to the last second…

Primal things are afoot,
and yet we are each 
firmly grounded:
our feet planted
as worlds collide.

The first post.

Hello all. I'm excited to have a place with which to share my writing. You can expect to find stories, poems, and papers  here as well as my general thoughts. I can not guarantee that I will be vigilant in my posting, though I hope I shall. Stay tuned, though; you might just find something you like.